May 01 2013
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CECH-2501 or CECH-3001?

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Hello everyone,


I'm looking to get a PS3 try out the exclusives I've been missing out on for years, just in time to get a PS4.


I'm wondering the differences between the later 2500 and 3000 models. They are both PS3 slim models, but different generations of the slim. You can see what I mean here:


I know that the 3001B loses various LED lights, does away with chrome finish on the panel and glossy sides, and gets loses a 100mm fan for an 80mm one. But from doing my research, I haven't found any real world comparisons. Most of the comparisons I've seen were done right when the 3001B came out. Now that both versions have been out some time and have a track record, which one would you recommend me to buy? Noise and heat are my biggest concerns, in that order. I'm worried that since the fan is smaller on the 3001B, it will have to work harder, creating more noise and possibly giving off more heat. But I'm not sure. Has anyone tried these two in action and know which one is louder/hotter?


In the end, does the difference really matter?


Thanks so much.


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