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Dec 02 2012
By: martinblank64 First Son 6 posts

C2-12828-1 Black Ops Declassified very annoying error!!!

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So I just got the download version of Black Ops Declassified a couple days ago, and I really enjoy the multiplayer, no idea what the bad reviews are about.



BUT, and this is a big BUT, while playing, RANDOMLY the game will just exit with the error code of C2-12828-1 and the option to submit a bug report. I'd say it occurs every 1 in 8 or 10 games. It is EXTREMLEY irritating when it happens, and I of course lose all my XP and any challenges completed during the game it happened in. My Vita has been updated to 2.00.


Also, occasionally, in the middle of a game, the screen just goes black and says saving in the upper left corner, as though I manually exited the match, and just dumps me at the main CoD menu. Also highly irritating, and also lose everything gained during the match.



Anybody else get these two issues, or know any fixes?!! This NEEDS to be patched ASAP. It is freaking annoying as all hell. Always seems to happen when I am doing really well too.



I also posted this in the support forum. Don't care about double posing. I paid $50 for this game this is pissing me off, these issues need to be officially noted and fixed.

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Re: C2-12828-1 Black Ops Declassified very annoying error!!!

Dec 2, 2012
Every now and then its rare I get an error and it asks if I want to report I don't know what it is but I always report it and leave a detailed message
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Re: C2-12828-1 Black Ops Declassified very annoying error!!!

Dec 26, 2012
I got it for Christmas today and I keep getting this same error. Also the game is short as hell, thank god for the free Call of Duty Roads to Victory PSP game. I play the PSP version for campaign and BOD for Multiplayer. BOD by itself is NOT worth $50 but the free PSP game makes it worth it. Fix it Sony just Fix it.
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