Apr 15 2012
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Breaking down the walls

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Gaming is constantly evolving. Growing up seeing all these changes has been fantastic. Going from 8 bit charcters with no voice acting to seeing 3d cinematics with voice acting. Lovely. The original playstation really showed me the promising future gaming had coming. The games that really determined how or more why I play games now were Metal Gear Solid and Legend of Dragoon(Thanks for bringing this to PSN soon again Sony). Metal Gear I played first and loved the humor and stealth action. I loved how it could read your memory card to mess with you. The games huge story was great. Legend of Dragoons battle system and unique dragons got me hooked from the start. It took me through this EPIC world and all these great memorable characters. Playstation 2 brought me Devil May Cry. Devil May Cry showed me how action games can have awesome stories as well. I got a PSP and it had Coded Arms. A game with a short and sweet but also equally great story and gameplay.Then the PS3 came out and blew everything out of the water. Metal Gear Solid 4, Uncharted 2, Little Big Planet and Infamous took gaming to another level. Metal Gear Solid 4s visuals blew my mind. I mean the camo feature was insane. Then Uncharted 2 came out and took ingame potential to there limits. With a full moving train and snow... simply beautiful. Little Big Planet showed me making your own levels can be fun to build, play, and share. Infamous was the first open world game I got hooked too. The great cast, fun powers, great story interweaved and the power of choice... I forgot one of the suprise hits for me and that was Eye of Judgement. A card game and video game in one. Such much fun being a fan of card games already.The Vita came out and has shown what a portable platform should be. I love playing Super Star Dust Delta and Rayman Origins. I have Super Star Dust for the PS3 but playing with the gyroscope and touch options take the game to the next level. The screen brilliantly shines. Rayman Origins showed me what I had hoped and that is that the Vita truly is a console quality system but portable. I really am excited for the potential of what the future in paticular what Sony will bring.   

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