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Re: Boycott U.S. Playstation Plus

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Oct 6, 2012

GuNz_52 wrote:
Not going to lie, if the EU is getting retail blockbuster's such as RE5, Dead Space 2, and RDR, that is a bit un-balanced. We get stuck with SCEA first-party titles (mainly family titles) and games that really didn't sell too well. I'm not saying I am going to boycott PS+, because that never works anyway. Its like those idiots who start petitions for games and try to get the developer to change something. :smileyindifferent:

Although I will say, if you are part of the 'Welcoming Committee' and/or if you change your text color every post from default just so you get noticed, then of course you're going to side with Sony. Go figure.

I know you're referring to me in your response above, I am indeed part of the "Welcoming Committee", a proud member at that, it's a pretty unofficial group of people who thought it might be nice to welcome & assit all, but perhaps more specifically new members to the Forum Community.


I'm someone who uses "gold", the color you see now as my choice of font color, others use blue, orange, red, I use this color because I like it, not to stand out in the Forums as you seem to think, & just so you know I am equally vocal in my disagreements with some of the things Sony does as I am when I agree with them.

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Re: Boycott U.S. Playstation Plus

Oct 6, 2012
I would but it really like the cloud storage, Automatic update, and i got Borderlands, inFAMOUS, Pac man, Littlebig planet 2 off it and that what im playing right now. but i do feel you
This is relevant to my inetrest
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