Sep 11 2012
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Borderlands issue - freezes when I attempt to run

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I have as yet been unable to play the PS+ Instant Game Borderlands off of PSN.  I have attempted several downloads.  The first time it downloaded and gave me an error when attempting to install.


The second time, it downloaded and installed; however, when I attempted to run the game after all of the intro screens, it hung on the screen of some triangle-like symbol, all the while playing some kind of nature noises in the background.  The whole system locked up.  It wouldn't even respond to the PS button on the controller.  I was forced to hold the power button down to power off.


After this, the whole system was slow and sluggish, hanging frequently for up to 20 seconds at a time while just trying to navigate the XMB.  I attempted to download again and after a couple time receiving the install error again, I was able to get it to install.  This time, the program hung on a black screen with no sounds (this is sometime after the Gamespy notice comes up).  The PS button on the controller responded, but when I attempt to exit the system beeps at me and then completely restarts.


I then attempted a system file rebuild to see if that would fix the issues.  After that, the XMB performed properly again, but I still get the same result when I download and install Borderlands.  It just hangs and I am forced to exit, which promptly restarts the whole system.


I've put the PS3 in a DMZ on my router, but that hasn't changed anything.  I even bypassed the router and hooked the modem directly up to the PS3 and still no results.  What the heck is going on?  All of my other games work fine...


Edit: Sorry, first time posting here.  Looking around, it appears this thread should have been placed in one of the "Support" forums.  Sorry for the mistake.  If there are any mods out there, please feel free to move this.  Thanks!

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Re: Borderlands issue - freezes when I attempt to run

Sep 11, 2012

Wish I could help here, but you may want to reach out to Customer Service if the game is not loading up properly to see if they have any solutions that may help.

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Re: Borderlands issue - freezes when I attempt to run

Sep 15, 2012
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