Apr 19 2013
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Borderlands 1 Question

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when i installed DLC3 it patched New Haven with stupid white chests and it now is a sucky place to farm can i delete the patch somehow?

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Re: Borderlands 1 Question

Apr 19, 2013
In order to delete game data, go into the Game section of the XMB and scroll up to Game Data. Go into the Game Data folder and choose to delete the game data for Borderlands 1. This will delete the patch data and all DLCs installed on your system, requiring you to redownload the data if you want to access it again.

However, you really shouldn't delete the data because of one farming area. Since you own the General Knoxx DLC, you have the best areas to farm for good loot, especially the Armory and Crawmerax the Invincible. You can get amazing loot from those two sources if you can put in the time.
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