Apr 07 2012
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Bluetooth Stereo Headset help

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So I really wanted to get a Stereo Headset for my PS3 and Vita, so I bought a pair that are nice and small, comfy and light, which was hard to find, but I am very small and have very weak muscles due to my physical disability. And bigger headsets like the Sony Wireless Stereo Headset are massive and heavy. My brother is very knowledgable with tech and he recommended a Rocket Fish set, and I really like them!. But then I read that the PS3 doesn't do that with its bluetooth... which is lame. So I tried anyway, it works on my Vita, as I suspected, but it only does voice on the PS3

So I thought, I have a Bluetooth dongle for USB that I haven't even opened yet, if I plugged it into the USB port, would that kinda make it like the Sony Wireless Stereo Headset which uses USB? Or is there any way to rig this up that doesn't involve wires everywhere? Wires suck with wheelchairs LOL

This is the same kind of Bluetooth dongle I have, just a cheapy:


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