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*Bluetooth Headset Guide

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First, I want to thank everyone who has helped me with this guide! This entire thread has been a community effort, showing how a forum is supposed to work and helping everyone in the process.
I learned a lot writing this guide, and hope it keeps helping those who need it. I will keep checking in, updating if something changes in an important way. Otherwise feel free to use it as it is, recommend it to others, reprint it, quote it, anything you need! If you have a question that this guide can't answer then you can, as usual, PM me.
Update: New headset that combines voice chat and game audio in one unit! The Ear Force P21. Looks like a solution for those who need to keep their game noise to themselves.

 Firmware 3.41 notes: No changes that I could discover. All headset functions are still the same.


Bluetooth Headset Setup Guide for
All the information included is current to Firmware 3.41
1. Compatibility
  • Bluetooth Headsets (ver 1.1, 1.2, 2.0 (2.1?))
  • USB Headsets
  • Not Compatible with Bluetooth Stereo Headphones


2. Setup

  • Charging and Pairing a Bluetooth Headset
  • Connect a USB (wired) Headset
  • Mic Test and Volume Setting
  • More Ways to Configure Input/Output
  • Helpful LinksIn Game XMB

3. Troubleshooting

  • General Troubleshooting
  • Problems When Changing Games/Maps/Servers
  • Noise or Feedback
  • Pairing Problems
  • Voice Chat Drops
  • Controller Interference

 4. Links to PS3 Support

  • PS3 Support Page
  • Official Bluetooth for PS3 Pairing Instructions

 5. Game Specific Information


 6. Brand and Model Listing


1. Compatibility

The PS3 supports only one headset at a time. Multiple players on the same console will have to share.


  • The PS3 uses Bluetooth version 2.0, and is compatible with all earlier versions (1.0, 1.1, 1.2). 2009 may see version 2.1 Bluetooth headsets hit the market, so you will have to try it for yourself on PS3.
  • All brands of Bluetooth headset should work with the PS3.


USB (wired) Headsets can also be used with the PS3.

  • Any of the PS2 compatible USB headsets should work with PS3 games.
  • USB headsets are required for PS2 software used on the PS3.

Not Compatible with Bluetooth Stereo Headphones:

  • The Bluetooth audio signal for PS3 only carries voice chat. The game sounds and music are played through your TV or stereo receiver only.
  • If you want to listen to the gameplay with headphones then they will have to be compatible with your TV or stereo receiver.


2. Setup

A Bluetooth headset has to be registered, or "paired", with your PS3 before it can be used.

  • Make sure your Bluetooth headset is fully charged before you begin.
  • Check your headset instructions for entering "pairing mode". Activate your headsets' "pairing mode" so it can be recognized by the PS3.
  • On the Cross Media Bar (or XMB) of the PS3 go to the "Settings" tab, then down into "Accessory Settings", then down into "Manage Bluetooth Devices".
  • With your headset in pairing mode, follow the onscreen instructions and let the PS3 scan for your headset. When your headset is found, follow the prompts and enter a pass key (if necessary- the default is usually 0000 for all brands). The pairing should now be complete.

If you're using a USB (wired) headset, just plug it into one of the ports on the front of the PS3 (the system should auto-detect the USB headset).


Mic Test and Volume Setting

After pairing a Bluetooth headset, or after plugging in a USB (wired) headset, return to the XMB. Go to "Accessory Settings" and choose "Audio Device Settings". You can test your headset here.

  • Your headset should appear as the audio input/output device. If not, just use the D-pad to highlight the Input line, then scroll until you see yours. Any microphone you have used with your PS3 will be listed, but only the current one will be available to select.
  • Set the "Microphone Level" to 3. You can change the level any time if needed.
  • Speak into the headset, and the level bar at the top of the screen should move at the sound of your voice.

You can also view a list of Bluetooth accessories you have registered in the "Manage Bluetooth Devices" tab under "Settings".

If your mic doesn't appear there then try pairing it again.


There are more ways to configure the audio input and output that can be useful:

  • Set the input to (your mic) and leave the output on (default)- one person can chat with the other players, and the replys will play over your TV speakers rather than into your mic. Great when sharing one console because everyone can hear the team talk.
  • Set the input and output to (default)- you will hear the game sound and voice chat through your TV speakers but won't be able to talk back. Great if you don't have a headset, or if you want the room to hear the team chat.
  • Set the output to (default) to use stereo headphones with your TV or receiver. Then set the input to (your mic) and you can chat while wearing stereo headphones. Keeping the mic close to your face could be a problem since both ears are already taken! You could try a USB desktop mic and see if that works.


In Game XMB:

  • All of the functions in Audio Device Settings are available when using the XMB via the PS button during a game. You can set the input/output, mic level, and device. You can test your mic, and pair a new BT headset while in game. 


For more help you can try these links:


3. Troubleshooting



If you are having trouble with a headset after it is paired with the PS3, there are a few things to check first:

  • Make sure your headset battery is charged and working. Be aware that some brands/models will need to be paired again after each recharge. It's not a problem, it's just the way those models work.
  • Make sure your controller is charged. Lots of strange things happen when the controllers don't have enough power, like dropouts and headset interference.
  • The headset should be set as the input/output device from the XMB.
  • For Bluetooth users, make sure there are no other Bluetooth devices in use near your PS3. Also try to eliminate any other radio frequency interference if possible.
  • For USB users, make sure the connection is secure and there are no wire breaks.
  • Update your console to the current available firmware.


Problems When Changing Games/Maps/Servers:

  • When you start another round, a new game, or change maps, the headset suddenly no longer works. You'll know because the voices start playing through your TV speakers. This is usually just a connection loss, like a phone call hanging up. Tap the "call button" on your BT headset and it should re-connect.


Noise or Feedback:

  • A screeching noise when you talk you are experiencing feedback. The main reason I've found is that players out there didn't get a mic that has a noise canceling function. Cheap mics usually don't offer it, so you will do yourself a favor by shopping for a mic with noise cancelling technology. Turning your TV down should help as well.
  • Lowering the headset volume can also help. Go to Accessory Settings/ Audio Device Settings (where you test your headset) and you can set the mic volume there. Level 3 is a good start. If people have trouble hearing you then you should raise to Level 4 or Level 5.
  • If you hear an echo when you talk try turning the earpiece volume down on the headset. Many BT headsets have their own volume control.


Pairing Problems:

  • If the PS3 cannot locate your headset, make sure that your headset is in pairing mode before you start scanning. The headset instructions will tell you how to set yours to pairing mode.
  • If your headset is missing from the device menu after you re-start your PS3, you will have to pair again. Many headsets will only "remember" one device at a time, so you may have to register again after using your headset with a phone.
  • If your headset appears on the Audio Device menu but is "grayed out" or not selectable, it is not connected. Make sure the headset is charged, and that it is on in standby. I should connect automatically when the Audio Device menu is selected. Tap the call button on the headset if it does not connect, or click on the Connect Bluetooth tab on screen.
  • Make sure no other Bluetooth devices are in use nearby.


Voice Chat Drops:

  • Most in-game voice chat drops are simply network lag. Usually they go away after a short time, so be patient. In extreme cases you may have to leave a game and return to reset the chat function.
  • If you use wireless internet, a low signal strength to your modem/router can make voice chat malfunction. Make sure your wireless signal is as strong as possible to your access point.
  • Sometimes a headset will quit after changing discs to another game. Go to accessories and select your headset again.
  • Make sure no other Bluetooth devices are in use nearby.


Headset-Controller Interference:

  • If your controller loses contact every time you turn on your headset, they might be interfering with each other. If the game allows it, changing the controller port assignment might help. To change the controller port assignment, hold down the PS button while in game. The settings screen that comes up will give you the option to change the controller port. This will have to be set each time you restart your PS3.
  • Be careful if you walk out of range with an active Bluetooth headset. When you return you will probably experience a controller lockup as the PS3 tries to acquire the headset signal again. Put your headset in standby or just leave it near your PS3 if you need to move more than 30 feet away.
  • And, as always, make sure no other Bluetooth devices are in use nearby.


4. Playstation 3 Links and Customer Support:

5. Game Specific Infomation

Killzone 2

  • KZ2 uses an open mic so just speak! There is also an option to mute individual players.
SOCOM: Confrontation
  • A retail version is available bundled with the Official PS3 Bluetooth mic. It is also available separately. The game is also available in disc without the mic, and as a download.
  • Use the USB cable to instantly pair your official mic to your PS3, by plugging directly into the mic. Pairing this way allows use of HQ mode (better sound), and access to a status screen for the mic on the upper right of the screen. 
  • Here is a video of the mic in action.  
Battlefield Bad Company
  • There are reported problems with mics that stop working after 10 minutes or so of playtime. From what I have gathered this is a bug that will require a patch to fix, so try contacting EA on this one. If anyone has a workaround please share it and I will add it to this entry. 
Grand Theft Auto IV
  • Voice chat is available in all modes. In the game setup the host can choose open mic, and proximity (only people nearby can hear). You can also talk privately with another player by using the in game cell phone. There is an option to mute other players as well.
Guitar Hero III (PS3)
  • During the game setup all works well. After a round starts the chat can become near impossible to use. No info on a fix.


  • SOCOM games will not work with your Bluetooth headset. You can still use a USB mic for SOCOM (PS2) games.
 6. Headset Brand and Model Recommendations:

       Remember: Any Bluetooth headset should work if it's ver 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, or 2.0. If yours isn't on the list, try it.


Turtle Beach

  • Ear Force PX1- combines game audio and voice chat.



  • Official Bluetooth Headset for PS3- here's a link to the announcement on the PSBlog
  • PlayStation EYE- Also allows video chat over PSN.



My Headset Review: Logitech Cordless Vantage Bluetooth Headset for PS3


I'll cover what's in the box, my likes and dislikes.


In the box:

The Logitech Cordless Vantage comes with the headset unit, a wall charger and instructions.


What I like:

  • The Cordless Vantage is a behind-the-head mic. This is a half circle plastic loop that fits just above the ears around the head. It's very comfortable to me, and I don't get a sore ear like with the earhook designs. You can wear the speaker on the left or right side, and the mic is extended on a short 2 inch fixed boom that you can tilt up or down. It's easy to find a comfortable position.
  • The battery is an internal rechargable, with a reported 12 hour talk time. I can confirm this after an all-day session of COD4 left me with a still charged mic! The ability to recharge from a wall socket or via USB is also a plus (more on that in Odds and Ends).
  • This mic has excellent noise cancelling. My breathing no longer goes out for all to hear, and the feedback echoes are a gone as well (if you've used a mic on PSN then you know this is a problem). The playback is also excellent, with most every player coming through loud and clear. The speaker also has its own volume control, and a mute feature.


What I dislike:

  • The biggest problem with the Cordless Vantage is a lack of adjustment for the behind-the-head loop. There is no way to make the loop smaller or larger, and this may be a problem if you have a small head, or like to walk around while wearing the headset. The speaker is a bit heavy, and the lack of adjustment means that it will shift around some if you're moving.
  • The single switch that has three functions- power, mute, and volume- is a bit clumsy until you get used to it. You might accidentally mute yourself when changing the volume- annoying but minor.
  • Logitech should have included a mini-USB cable with this mic. Yes it's the same as the one for the PS3 controller, but this is a premium priced mic that should include such a low cost item.


Odds and Ends:

  • Pairing the Cordless Vantage is easy and painless with no problems that I noticed.
  • I did notice that after charging from a wall socket I had to pair it again, but did not after charging via USB.


I recommend this headset with no reservations. It's not cheap, but neither is quality. You might want to try it out to make sure the way it fits is for you, but otherwise this mic performs well. 


Product page:,en  



*Model H700 has an "A" and "B" version with different pairing procedures. Here's the link to Motorola FAQ to help with the issue.

ALERT: Beware of FAKE Motorola BT headsets! Think yours is counterfeit? Check the .pdf (thanks Motorola Counterfeit I.D. Guidebook


I have removed the recommended Motorola headsets from this guide because of the continued problems reported by PS3 users. It's been almost 18 months since launch and the same problems continue, sometimes with Motorola models thought to be working fine.


As always, try out your mic even if it isn't in this guide.




  • Cordless Vantage v2.0 (see review above)


  • JX-10 v1.2
  • BT125 v2.0 (This is the headset that comes with the Warhawk bundle)
  • BT 135 v2.0
  • BT 150 v1.2
  • BT 160 v1.2
  • BT 350 v1.2
  • BT 600 v1.2
  • BT 3010 v2.0
  • BT 8040 v2.0
  • BT 5010 v2.0
  • BT 5020 v2.0


  • HBH-300 v1.1
  • HBH-602 v1.1
  • HBH-610 v2.0
  • HBH-PV702 v1.2  


  • Discovery 655 v2.0
  • Discovery 640 v1.2
  • Explorer 330 v1.1
  • Explorer 320 v1.2
  • Explorer 220 v1.2
  • M 2300 v1.1
  • Pulsar 590A v2.0
  • Pulsar 590E
  • Voyager 510 v1.2
  • Voyager 520  v2.0

Southwing (Cingular)

  • SA505 v2.0


  • Scala 500 v1.2
  • Scala 700 v2.0
  • Cardo S640 v1.2

Encore Electronics

  • ENBTHS-011 v1.2


  • G6 Micro v 2.0


  • HBM 300 v.1.2  
  • HBM 710 v.1.2


  • ET2000 v.1.2  


  • WEP170 v1.2
  • WEP200 v2.0


  • Freestyler 500 v1.2


  • 5500 v1.2


  • BH-200 v2.0
  • BH-202 v1.2
  • BH-208 v2.0
  • BH-900 v2.0
  • HS-26W v2.0

Wi-Gear Inc.

  • iMuffs MB210 v2.0  


  • BlueParrot B150TK v12

Radio Shack

  • Voice Star VS610 v1.1


  • X3 Micro v1.2


  • X2

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Mic Brand Motorolla
 Model # H700
 Mic needs to be initialized after every re-start? NO!

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yeah..these forums need to be controlled a little more..way too many posts on the same thing.

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Jabra bt125.I'ts plain looking but works great is 2.0 and only costs about 30 bucks.Only regesterd it the first time and my PS3 always syncs with it.No problems at all.
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Jabra VBT135

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im about to buy a bluetooth headset cuz the ps2 headset isnt workin on resistence. there is voice chat on it right?
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Great posts so far, lets keep it going.
I'm going to update the original post with the different brands and models so we can all get our voice on!
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