Feb 04 2012
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Blank Blue Screen

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A few days ago, my ps3 froze while I was playing MW3.  In order to turn it off I had to use the switch in the back.  After that, I had to re-enter all my info (wireless connection, log-in pw's, etc).  I was able to play for a while, when I shut it off and came back later to play, the screen was blue (blank blue).  At that time it took 2-3 tries of turning it on and off for it to load properly to the PS menu.  The next day, it took 6 tries, the next day it took 10 minutes, followed by 15 minutes and finally today, it wont load any game after you get through the 20 minutes of trying to turn it on and the blue screen.  Is there a fix for this or is my PS3 dead?

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