Jan 22 2013
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Black ops 2 expert needed

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i know i been posting alot about this and i am sooo SORR[face_hugs]  ,but really i dont understand the game so answer the following questions plz :

1. my screen is too wide it goes of the edges how can i fix that ?

2. there is something called elite ..whats that ??

3. how come it takes long time to find people on multiplayer ?? my brothers use youtube and download stuff on the laptop does that effect it ??

4.i see people throw missiles at me and small exploding cars and exploding ..etc i think it called nemsis kill , how can i do that ??

5. is there anything else i should know about the game ?? tips ?? anything  ???

p.s: if u answer u might get a chance to win .. WHITE OPS 2 , i will choose 3 lucky winners and msg them by mail ( i telling the truth)

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Re: Black ops 2 expert needed

Jan 22, 2013

Once you have Call of Duty: Black Ops II booted up, there's a screen asking you to resize the game window form the very start of the game. You can always resize the screen from the "Options" menu, once it's already been resized. The game tells you that from the start. Just head in there again, and dial down the size of the screen if you can find the adjustment option.


Call of Duty: Elite is a now free-to-use service provided by Activision and its makers, Beachhead Studios. It's basically a side effect of the massive growing list of Call of Duty players over the years. Once paid for, this service allows Call of Duty players to sign up and track their stats in a supposedly better way, amongst other things such as social functionality.


Your Internet may be affected by your brother's use of the laptop. You'll have to go to your router's settings to find out or fix whatever the problem is to configure the Internet settings the way it should be to let both you and he to surf the Web.


Nemesis kills in Call of Duty have to do with getting revenge on someone who's already killed you, I believe. Just go find the person that put you down for a Nemesis kill, and obviously kill them.


The best tip is to try and stay alive while also getting other people dead. That's pretty much it. There are several tactics to this, but you basically have to get used to the experience of the game to know how to go about doing this. Just keep practicing and you'll find your own path toward eliminating other players eventually.

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