Jun 21 2014
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Birds of Steel ghost war points?

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Hi all


My first post here Smiley Wink


purchased my BoS at playstation store just around late last month (May) and have been playing since.

This game is thge first game that I've ever played online against other real players. You know, Versus mode Smiley Wink


As I played Versus missions I've earned war points they're called I guess (the lionhead points that you buy new planes)

As I was up to 690K points, couple days ago, I realized that I was more than 1.6 M (1,600,000) pts!


I don't know where did they come from but I also checked leaderboard at PSN and realized that I was backed down a bit on laederboard and my "missions won" dropped from 55 mission to 19 missions as well!? And at the top of leaderboard there was a guy (forgot his name, sorry) with 250  or something wins now there is a guy with 65 wins!  Smiley Surprised


Is it bad?

Did I do something wrong?

Can I use those extra 1 Million points without hesitation?


Any ideas?



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Re: Birds of Steel ghost war points?

Sep 13, 2014

Sad that BoS has apparently got hackers doing their miserable little stunts.


I found another thread (searched Birds of Steel) from someone last year who had experienced similar losses from their profile, but no realy replies.


I'd go over to the Gaijin forums and report this. Dev members do patrol over there and hopefully you will find answers to your questions. It is also a fairly active community.

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