Feb 20 2013
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Better service for Playstation user

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Sorry to say this, But Sony is slowing down. Store updates are taking to long. When we were down for 6 weeks we got crap from Sony. Then you came out with a 1,000,000.00 insurance policy then change it to only 25,000.00. What you couldn't afford 1,000,000.00 from your billion dollar a year company. You want people to stay with Sony. But look what you're doing to us. Promise something then take it away. You will lose the fans, They will go to Microsoft you will see. You have to do a lot better for your fans. Not saying one thing then saying another. And change the insurance policy back to 1,000,000.00.
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Re: Better service for Playstation user

Feb 20, 2013
Then go to Xbox?
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