Mar 13 2012
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Best way to level up on MW3 or BF3

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not only is the best site for playing online for leveling up and gaming with others that have a strong passion for gaming, but also a place where you can win prizes for competing in the very same games you play !!

There are always lobbies going on and we have gamer enthusiasts that play xbox360, playstation3, and the PC

there is much more to see on the site so check it out !!

(My site name is Cx Turk and you can Private message me on the BHL website if you have questions.)

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Re: Best way to level up on MW3 or BF3

Mar 13, 2012

the best way to level up is to actually play gametypes that offer the bigger XP payout.....

Search and Destroy, Headquarters, Drop Zone etc etc....

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