Dec 07 2012
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Best PlayStation Experience of my Life!

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Have you ever wanted something so expensive?Ha well I sure did and it was a gorgeous glossy 80GB PlayStation 3!Guess how I got it?After I graduated my college education my friends and I went out to eat at a fancy resturant.Soon I found myself bothering them about the PlayStation 3 when I saw some contest saying "Enter to win a NEW 80GB PlayStation console with 2 games for FREE" so I thought "Oh what the heck I finally get to enter something." But the only issue was that the only way to win was by writing 2 paragraphs on "Why I Should Get a New PS3" which was easy for me because I had many reasons why :smileyhappy: so my friends and I left the resturant after tipping the waiter $80 ( yeahh I am a nice guy) I asked the waiter where to enter the contest and she said somewhere in the mall at 5:00 PM.There was only one problem...I HAD TO ATTEND MY COUSIN'S WEDDING!But nooo that didn't stop me cause I immediately changed my plans and attended my cousin's wedding at a certain time.Soon I went to the mall not realizing I still had my tux on and pink colored shirt on (lol had hearts to).The lady holding the contest looked at me as if I was naked.She told me to sign my name and birthdate so I did but when I signed the sheet only 4 people signed up (it really got me some confidence in winning) so it was now Saturday and I found myself not taking a shower for a contest I promised myself not to lose.After 2 days I turned in my 2 paragraphs so the lady at the desk thanked me and said that since the 3 people didn't turn in the papers yet and that 1 person had an incorrect topic I won and she gave me my prize I was as happy as a baby playing peek-a-boo!I drove home and told my family and friends the amazing thing that happened they celebrated my accomplishment and we then went out for tacos cause that is how we roll!  

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Re: Best PlayStation Experience of my Life!

Dec 7, 2012

You graduated from college? :robotlol:


All joking aside, congrats on winning that contest.

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