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Becoming a socializing PlayStation gamer

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I have been on Sony's consoles since the PS1& I loved playing the many games they have had to offer & I also had the PS2 & PSP & currently now with the PS3 & Vita but you know back then in the PS1 & PS2 I was mostly a solo gamer with the exception of friends coming over on occasion & we take turns or play Multiplayer games, was a bit easier back then when taking turns on single player games because we just had to bring our memory cards to each others house.


But currently with the PS3 & Vita I am so glad to be part of the online PlayStation community, when I 1st heard of the PS3 & the details of it I tried to follow it & the find out the details & specs of it & the main thing that got my attention was that there was built-in WiFi & online accessibility was FREE. I wasn't able to get a PS3 right away because at that time I was only 14 & relied on my parents but I finally got a PS3 in May 2007 for my birthday & I was so happy & hooked it up almost immediately.


I don't exactly remember what my very first game was but my first 2 were Resistance: Fall of Man & Spider-Man 3, I loved Spider-Man 2 on the PS2 & figured Spider-Man 3 was just as good, I did enjoy it but not as much as the 2nd unfortunately but the gem was Resistance, I played through the single player a lot & worked very hard to unlock every thing which I eventually did (signs of a future trophy hunter? lol) but the main thing was the multiplayer portion of the game, being my first online experience I actually loved it & it didn't take to long before I found a group of people & joined their clan called the Shotgun Knights.


It was so cool to see others who had PS3s & loved it so much because where I lived not to many people could afford a PS3 so I was a gaming loner but my online friends were great & we always played together mostly 1 hit shotgun matches, it was a lot of fun but later on with the PS3 & what really fascinated me was this thing called PlayStation Home. In one of the first trailers it says "everyone you meet here is an online PlayStation 3 user" & at that that point I was like ok I need to get into this & I always tried to follow the info on it & tried to get into the beta but I was finally to get into the beta about 1 week before it launched.


That 1 week I was on every day for several hours meeting new people & making a lot of friends, I'm not going to lie but I was a bit of a trouble maker because I was still rather young back then but it was still fun & I loved it & that's how I am where I am today. I've been part of this community for a long time & because of Home I got involved with these forums & the more I matured the more I helped people with problems or newcomers that are still learning about Home & other things. Being an HCV (Home Community Volunteer) you'll see me mostly in the Home forums but I also help in other places like the Vita sub-forums but all in all I love being apart of the PlayStation community & I love meeting other PlayStation fans.


Oh & one more thing before I end this story, another reason I love Home is because that's how I met my current girlfriend. Her & I have become so close over the last year & a half & we should be meeting for the 1st time before the end of this year & if things go right we may move in together & really start our life together, we already have plans to be together forever & now we just have to work on making that happen so I'm going to end this story with saying thank you Sony, thank you PlayStation & thank you the PlayStation Community

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