Dec 02 2012
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Be getting my new 320GB 'move bundle' PS3 in 4 days!

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Hello, Playstation Forums.


Man o' Man!  I just got word from that my new PS3 move bundle has just shipped!  I am counting the days!  I've been in a literal 'PS3 drought' for almost 2 years! I've been buying loads of software, since my 'launch model' PS3 breathed its last.  But I've been busy with other matters.  I really missed losing myself in a good PS3 program, like Batman: Arkham Asylum, Heavenly Sword, Iron Man, or Iron Man 2, or any of the other titles I own.  I bought Killzones 2 & 3, SOCOM 4, THOR, Captain America, and a lot of the programs that I had on my 'retired' PS3 as demos.  I bought this model PS3, because the new model that was just introduced, just looked 'anorexic', to me.


To me, the 'launch' model PS3, CECHA001 will always be my favorite.  So, until the launch of the  PS4, I'll use the 'move bundle' PS3.

And now, I'll sit here, waiting for my PS3 to get here, constantly reading, and REreading my PS3 software collection. Over and OVER again.  I wonder if this is what it's like in the waiting room of a maternity ward? LOL


P. S. Please excuse any errors in grammar and punctuation.

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