Nov 14 2012
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Batman Arkham Asylum - Slow mo Problem

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Hi all,

Last night I was playing Arkham Asylum and while fighting the two Titans in the Botanical gardens the game started to slow down.  It was like playing in slow mo.

I first thought this was because I was fighting the two Titans and that it would return back to normal after I beat them.  However after beating them and even after getting the Line Launcher the game continued to be in the slow state.

Has anybody else experienced this?  If so were you able to solve this as I'm sure it's not the way the game is meant to behave.

Some Additional Information:

New PS3 160Gb (Less then 3 weeks old).
PS3 is well ventilated (Not closed up in a cupboard or anything).
Brand new game, game disk was still sealed in box.
Using an HDMI cable between TV and PS3.
160Gb HDD has +/-80% space still available.
Recently updated Firmware to v4.31.
TV is a Samsung 40" LED Series 5 Full HD.

I have not managed to try another game to see if it does it with other games as well.

Not sure what other information to provide that might be of use!?

I'd like to thank you for any help provided.


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Re: Batman Arkham Asylum - Slow mo Problem

Nov 14, 2012

This isn't an issue I've come across myself, at least going by memory. Maybe if you were to delete the game data through the Game Data folder in the XMB menu it will speed up the process after reinstalling the game (just deleting the data file and not the game save, that is). This is a trick that seems to have had success for some people over the PlayStation 3's lifetime, so it might be of help in this situation all the same.

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