Jun 13 2013
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Awesome perk of PS+

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Not only do we get cool free games every month, which you do not have to dl right then, just confirm the purchase and then back out and then it is tied to your account so you can dl it later, but right now the Unlimited Music is only $41.99 for a complete year for PS+ members.


If you ever used Spotify which is at $9.99 a month x 12 months = $119.88  for the year.


Google Play has unlimited, but if you sign up before June 30th you get locked in at $7.99 a month x 12 months is $95.88 for the year or after June 30th it goes t the $9.99  a month x 12 months = $119.88 for the year. 


But with Sony Unlimited that is $41.99 for the year and a savings of $53.89 - $77.88 depending on the above. 


It really is awesome to be a playstation + member.

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