Mar 29 2012
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Audio Unsupported problems... any help?

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hi there!!

my setup is:

ps3 -> amplifier -> tv

when the amplifier is on, connected with hdmi, i set the audio output to hdmi automatic (the amp supports everything) - and while the amplifier is on the ps3 has no audio problems

but when the amplifier is off, when playing movies or games, i either get "unsupported audio" or no audio or missing audio channels on the tv (2 speakers)

the amp has hdmi passthru

so the only way to remedy this problem is to make ps3 hdmi auto with the amp turned off so it detects only the tv capabilities of 2 channel - so when i do that, the audio is working perfectly

basically what i'm asking is - shouldn't the ps3 auto-mixdown to 2channel mode when my amp is turned off? (since 2channel is also selected in the setup?)

i don't want to have to rerun the setup each time i switch from amp to tv and vice versa (i listen to the amp in the daytime with full audio, whereas at night i only use the tv speakers no amp - to not disturb the neighbors)

is there a way to get the setup once and done so that the audio plays regardless of the amp?

when ps3 is attached to the tv alone (with no amp) it only detects the 2 channel (which is fine, but i want to switch to amp on in the day and amp off in the night without having to run setup each time i switch)


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Re: Audio Unsupported problems... any help?

Mar 29, 2012

enable multi output, then run an optical cable from the ps3 to the tv

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