Mar 27 2013
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Arrgh... I can't beat these games!

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I play at a "normal" level of difficulty by the way.


 I loved Tomb Raider 2013, although there were some problems in accomplishing everything, I beat the game. It was the most enjoyable game I've played in some time.


I've owned every Assassins Creed game and have beat them all except ACIII. ( I never could ride the horse fast enough to catch the rider going to the fort. )


I can't get through Sly Cooper Theives In Time either. ( Jumping around on the train got pretty taxing. )


And I've put down GOW Acension for now, perhaps for ever. ( I have four Dual Shock controllers and used the newest ones with this game too. Moving out of the way with the left stick is hard to do with an older controller. )


Now BioShock Infinite's giving me a "disc error" message and even if I quit and restart the game I still get it. ( I agonizingly played for three hours with the Move until I pulled the plug on the Eye Cam. )  Now I can't even start the friggin' game.


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