Apr 05 2014
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Are there any AAA titles for the Vita coming out this year?

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I wanna get a Vita and i dont cause i feel like it has a few AAA games then it will die like the psp


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Re: Any AAA titles for the Vita coming this year

Apr 5, 2014


If you plan on eventually buying a PS4, it is a great companion to the console.

A friend of my brother told me I single-handedly sold him on buying a PSV, because he was impressed that I was able to play "Mercenary Kings" with my brother, him, and another friend -- via Remote Play on my PSV.


I was at my brother's house and his two buddies wanted to play Mercenary Kings. When my brother told them I was there visiting (Us 4 have been playing together) and he did not want to play without me, I told him I had brought my PSV with me, so I could just hop on with the remote play.


The PSV may be weak in the AAA games department right now, but it has a great selection if indies, and as I said, it's a great companion to have for any PS4 owner. Don't worry, it's not dying any time soon.

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