Sep 16 2012
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Anyone wanna gameshare?

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I am wanting to gameshare with somebody so please message me on psn if u wanna gamesshare my user is StarvinMarvin35 so message me please

I have midnightclub los angles and some other full games i am looking for games like black ops or nhl 12 or 13 or any other games u might have so message me! Also I am asking to go first cause i don't want to be scammed so thanks!

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Re: Anyone wanna gameshare?

Sep 16, 2012



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Re: Anyone wanna gameshare?

Sep 16, 2012

He there,


Just an FYI, gamesharing is in violation of the Terms of Service that you agreed to when signing on to PSN, as it requires you to give away personal information. As such, it is not encouraged discussion on the forum. This thread will now be locked.



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