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Re: Anyone know when the next FW is coming out?

Mar 13, 2012

I'd love to see an improved music player with customization options and button assignment. Just using the touch screen is rather annoying. I have to turn on the screen and go back into the music app to change a song. Also purple is not my favorite color, I hate being stuck with it when I'm playing music. I'm really concerned with it because I got a 32gb card with most of my music library.

Also I'd love to see themes, a PSN Social app to keep all my friends info and messaging together so I don't have to go into Near to see my friends status. But most importantly I want Remote Play to be worth a crap. It seems like the Vita is really barebones right now, I would hope Sony recognizes that and is trying to make sure that all the features they promised at launch work properly. Remote Play as it stands now is no better than the PSP's functionality with the PS3.

Anyway, Sony, if you want to keep people from hacking your system, throw us some customization options and some more features, tools and apps.

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