Oct 19 2013
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Anyone excited for Batman Arkham Origins?

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Only 6 days left till it's out, anyone else getting excited? Also who else is getting a collectors edition? Being here in the U.S. we get the one with the Joker statue. Would have liked the one with Batman holding the Joker, but oh well. I still have my Batman statue from Arkham City. Also anyone getting the season pass? For 20 bucks you get the extra suits, challenge maps and story DLC when it comes out, not bad I think.



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Re: Batman Arkham Origins

Oct 19, 2013

There's another Arkham Origins thread not even halfway up the first page, so I don't know why you made this one.


Anyway yes, I am hype. Not getting the CE this time around because the US got pretty ripped off. I am getting the season pass though. Can't really see why everyone is complaining about it. I've only bought one season pass in my life and that was for Injustice.


I'm getting Origins on my 360 for slightly better perfomance just like I did with Asylum and City. 1346022783398.jpg


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