Jan 08 2013
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Any way to transfer saves to a new memory card?

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I plan on buying a new 32gb mem card next week (upgrading from my 4gb) and i was wondering if there is a way to transfer save files. I guess technically the only 2 saves i have i want to save are


PS all stars

gravity rush


they are both downloaded from the vita store. I would have wanted to transfer my assassins creed LIB save buuuuut i finished the game and let my gf play it....she played about 1 hour and hasnt touch it since..not very happy about that but whatever lol.


So is there a way?


EDIT: also ive been meaning to ask, is there a way to find out how much time is left on my PS+ directly from my vita...or anywhere? i cant seem to find out anywhere (i dont use playstation much obviously)

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Re: Any way to transfer saves to a new memory card?

Jan 8, 2013
You can do an image of your current memcard's contents through content manager and then restore it on your new memcard (through the same means). The other way is to simply copy the contents from the PSV to the PC and then from PC to PSV but even though it's worked for everybody else, I did lose my GR saves when I did it~.

I wouldn't know about PS+, I don't have the service~.
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