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Nov 22 2013
By: yosnel79 Hekseville Citizen 306 posts

Any one can Assist ? Black flag PS4..

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Ac 4 Live Footage PS4 game play. <<<< Video Link >>> " Templar Outfit" + almost all ship upgrades......





.I have AC 4 black flag for PS4.. atm and im currently PLAYING it... but my QuarterMaster does nothing when Boarding other ships besides weavering her Sword and doing SQUAT !!!! while im getting my **bleep** kicked and my crew dying ..... cus i can't reach them fast enought to save them ...... is there ANYWAY OR trigger that makes ur QUARTERMASTER Fight ?...... cus i feel like im doing all the work and my quartermaster is just there looking ..... here is small clip i made from teh PS4 while playing it......





 EDIT: I can make more Vids if u guys need any help with anything.. i can make a Walkthrough .. teach u guys were to get sertain stuff... ETC ETC ...


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Re: ummm..

Nov 22, 2013

Your title needs to be descriptive if you are actually wanting help/meaningful discussion

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