Jul 25 2014
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Any clans willing to accept? (Black Ops 2)

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For black ops 2 I was wondering if somebody has a clan that would accept K/D is .88, I have a mic, and in a girl but I hope that doesn't affect anything..I'm active for most of the day (until school starts). Im 15. Also, if not a clan you can add me as a friend to play BO2. I like to play Search and Destroy and Team Deathmatch mostly Smiley Happy ID: Desert_Eagle2019



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Re: Any clans willing to accept? (Black Ops 2)

Jul 25, 2014
Isolated Survivors is willing to accept you. We are starting a Black Ops 2 branch and you can be our first member. The leader has no mic because his new headset needs an adapter but he says you dont need a headset to win.

Anyway yea add Spirit19-- on PSN for recruitment. We would love to have you! Smiley Happy

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