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Re: And the Best "Surprise" game goes to......

Dec 15, 2013

Black0Panther wrote:

millloblooom wrote:
3rd post because I just bought the ps4. If people are happy with awful games like this then don't be surprised if game companies stop putting the effort into making good ones. Soon games of resogun quality will be selling for $100. I really regret spending $400 for this PS4. At least the xbox360 it wasn't a money grab, you got things.

Ummmmm? Errr?? For most people Rosegun was free due to PS Plus and it does look and play amzing. Its quite a bit of fun and gets **bleep** hard. For a release title that didnt costme a dime. I can not complain at all. No this isnt no 60 dollar title but it sure the hell is fun and I beleive this is also over in MS land as well. so if you want to over there have funa nd play it there too.

Resogun is a PS4 exclusive.  Housemarque has even stated that the visual technologies in the game are not possible on the XB1.

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