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And Along Came Playstation....

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Sup fellow gamers, I'm Chicago8506, BKA "Tha Boss," and I'm here to tell u about my 1st experience with the Playstation brand leading up until now.

I also will b sharing with you some of my favorite titles and games I'm looking foward to. I hope you enjoy my story.

I Believe it was back in the year of 1995 when I saw the Original Playstation in action. I stopped by a friends' house and beheld him playing some FPS game looking ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS (in a good way).

At the time, I mostly played Sega Genesis, a system that had only 1/2 the bits of the then newer Playstation, so u can imagine how blown away I was.

I asked him: "What's this"?

He replied: "it's a Playstation, it's the new thing out."

I can go on and on about the many questions I had asked him from that point, but I don't want to bore any of u, lol.

When I left his house, what I saw remained in my head. I wanted a Playstation and I wanted one BAD!

So I did what most teenagers did, I asked my parents: "could you buy me a Playstation"? lol

And Along Came Playstation.....

Now I can't remember the very 1st title I had for the Playstation, but I do remember some pretty awesome ones.

For instance, "Resident Evil 2," creepy game, and I loved it! Loved it so much I became a constant fan of the franchise.

"Smackdown" I can still remember some of the crazy storylines lol.

Playstation had so many great titles I couldn't name them all for you, but one game in particular that had me playing day and night was "Final Fantasy 7."

I would think about this game during school lol.

Thinking back to those days of my 1st Playstation, I realize that I probably wouldn't be gaming now. The system had already been out and I hadn't even heard about. I was starting to lose interest in my Genesis and videogames altogether.

Believe it or not, I still have my "ole gray initiator," fully functional with classic titles.

It's in what I like to call, My Gaming Hall of Fame, and the only reason it's put up to rest is because of it's successor....

Playstation 2

M not gonna spend alot of time on this, but Playstation 2 was even better!

I enjoyed the heck out of the DVD feature, and alot of the titles that I loved on the Original Playstation returned with another entry.

I got pretty damn good at the Fight Night Franchise, and was always whoopin up on my cousins in Madden.

If I wasn't at work or out with my woman, I was on Playstation 2 (PERIOD).

Can any of u say GTASmiley Frustratedan Andreas? okay, well maybe all of u can't, but for me it was a game to remember.

Newer Franchies, DVD Functionality, Better Graphics and supported for 10+ years!

The name Playstation gave me chills everytime I heard it.

I also still have that Black Beast along with the sweet Vertical Stand, the eye that reads the software needs cleaning but other than that she's good.

Sitting right next to her older brother in My Gaming Hall of Fame!


My My, much has changed since Playstation 2. As a gamer I couldn't be happier with where gaming has gone.

Online Multiplayer, HD Gaming, BLU RAY, 3D Gaming, Social Networking, Amazing Handhelds and the platform I've come to know and love (Playstation) is right in the thick of things.

PSP3000: check. Monster Hunters Freedom Unite, ya gotta check it out, so much fun there.

Playstation 3: check. I honestly don't know where to begin, but I'll give it a shot.

I wanted this system more than any other, and when I finally got my hands on one I admit that I was a bit bummed. I didn't have many titles to choose from, but I did manage to pick up a few gems that held me over until more titles were released.

Uncharted, Resistance, Godfather and how can anyone forget Heavenly Sword?

The awesome games were a given as far as I'm concerned, but I never expected (3D),(PlaystationHome),(DirecttvNFLSundayTicket) and other apps.

I remember hearing about Playstation Home and was intrigued about how Sony would pull this off. I got into the Closed Beta and I loved it, was spending more time in it than gaming.

As Playstation Home has progressed I've been a regular visitor. If u haven't checked it out, do yourself a favor and stop by, it's pretty awesome. I recommend trying the (Casino) and (LootsSpaceStation), but there's a ton of things for everybody.

Fellow gamers, if u think you've seen it all playing Uncharted 3 in HD, think again! Play that badboy in (3D). It's like nothing I've seen b4. The game look phenomenal in 3D, along with other titles currently available in 3D.

I was fortunate enough to have the means to pick up the Playstation 3DTV Bundle w/Motorstorm, (another great game btw) and it's pretty sleek. It's a great starter 3DTV and I'm completely loving it.

Playstation Move:

Anybody wants a beatdown on The Fight:Lights Out, bring it, u already know my name just check the top of the page and send ya invites ~_~.

Playstation Move is great, it's pretty kewl using it on Killzone 3 and other titles, but where I'm really on top of my game using Move is the PSN Title HUSTLE KINGS.

That's a great pool game man, and I always have time to hustle any of u guys on it lol.

I'm excited for Playstation Move and where it will go, and as of late, when I think of Playstation Move the game (Sorcery) comes to mind. I'll b picking up a copy of it this May.

Playstation Vita:

U guys may not believe me but, I've been typing my entire discussion using my Playstation Vita! Why u say? Cause I'm a Playstation Fanatic lol.

Honestly in my opinion it is the very best handheld out there! It's a major step up from my PSP 3000.

The games r amazing and it's just hard for me to put down. I take the damn thing with me everywhere including work. All I can say is go out n get one, it's worth it.

There r more exciting things about Playstation that I didn't mention, only because there's so much it does and offer.

The Last Guardian, Final Fantasy Versus, The Last of Us, GTA V and Quantic Dreams unannounced title are just a few titles of many that I'm seriously excited about.

On that day back in 1995 when I went to visit my friend, I had no idea something as insignificant as watching him play a game would lead to such a commitment, an unrealized passion and hobby.

I started out on the Original NES, then preferred Sega's platform as my crowned console, then.......Along Came Playstation, snatching my previous loyalty and rekindlng a dying appetite for videogames.

Someday my Launched 60gig Playstation 3 will make it's way into My Gaming Hall of Fame, but at the moment it's still racking up stats lol.

In fact, I think it's about time I get back to saving the world from Reapers in Mass Effect 3.

I'm Chicago8506 (BKA) Tha Boss, I'm a Playstation Fanatic, this is my story and hope u enjoyed it.

Game On!

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