Nov 09 2013
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Anarchide's DUST 514 Recruitment Program. Enlist Today!

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Use this link to create a character and earn special gear!

What will my Recruits get?

Once the Recruits create an account and log into DUST 514, they’ll receive a Recruit Assault Rifle and a 7-Day Active Skill Booster to help them kill and skill. And the more War Points they earn, the more Recruit gear they’ll unlock:

• Earn 25,000 War Points to light enemies up with a Recruit Submachine Gun.
• Earn 100,000 War Points and get a Recruit Militia Dropsuit to wear into battle.

Greedy **bleep** Corporation will give 5,000,000 ISK to any of my Recuits that reaches 100,000 WP!
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