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Re: Analysts Want $300 PS4

May 8, 2013

BBurgSteve wrote:

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ps4 uses an integrated gpu, not a dedicated one.  But the integrated card is "enhanced"

The AMD Jaguar APU has dedicated video (as does the Cell BBE in the PS3), yes, but it will be 'enhanced' by a separate AMD Radeon 5650-ish GPU.  Both the APU and the GPU will share the 8GB GDDR5 RAM.


As for the WiiU:  It actually brought Nintendo gaming into THIS generation (PS3 / 360).  The Wii was still in the PS2 / XBox / GameCube era.  It was basically a GameCube with a nifty new controller system, which is why it was 100% sideways compatible with GC games.

The guy at the Playstation Conference said that the 8GB GDDR5 is Unified (which means shared, and by shared it is integrated).



Unified does not equate to cpu-integrated. It simply means that the console has a single bank of memory which is shared between the processor (system) and the graphics.  Many computers have integrated graphics.  It does not mean the graphics chip is integrated with the processor, it simply means the graphics are integrated on the motherboard.


In the case of the PS4, the CPU/APU (Jaguar) and the GPU (Radeon) are separate components that share the same bank of memory.

Do you Understand how APU's work?  APU's do actually have integrated gpu's implated onto the CPU themselves. In standard integrated based CPU architecture with APU's They usually do not have integrated cards onto the board, Instead An APU is a system on a chip design.  The standard RAM is actually shared as a combination of system RAM and GPU power.  For an example:  8gbs of RAM may be shared with the APU using 2-3gb of video ram and 2-3 gb of actuall ram. No GPU's are used on a board.  The chips that rely on them are actually not using anything on the motherboard.  Granted, Some boards do have integrated gpus on the board (maybe for the PS4's case do to it being customized PC hardware), but are not used when the APU's are in place

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