Jan 08 2013
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An error occured during the download operation (80710003)

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Ever since Sony copied off Xbox's layout, and made it more difficult to manage, and "Broke" facebook Sharing, the Playstation Network has been much more unstable. If I download more than 20 things at a time, I have to shut off my PS3, and restart it, to allow more downloads. I have 2007 downloads on my list. I wish that we weren't forced to upgrade to the new Playstation Store, I NEVER had these problems with the old layout. It's also much harder to browse categories unless you know exactly what you are searching for. The old layout was much cleaner.
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Re: An error occured during the download operation (80710003)

Jan 8, 2013


i think that the memory code got it a while back , i turned ps3 off on and it restarted the download

i don't have a pc i use ps3 browser
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