Jul 23 2012
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Am I going to have to buy a new PS3 soon?

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For the last week or so I've noticed that two games I have occasionally freeze at the exact same spot. This never happened before then. MLB 12: The Show sometimes freezes when it does the initial load screen. When this happens, the PS3 shuts off improperly and I have to restore the system. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier sometimes freezes when I try to look at my Uplay account on it. I've had my 120GB PS3 Slim since 2010 and I've had zero problems with it. Both discs are in perfect condition by-the-way. Should I plan on getting a new PS3 soon?

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Re: Am I going to have to buy a new PS3 soon?

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Jul 23, 2012

That dosn't seem right for the PS3 to last that long.  Do you put it in a area where hot air can escape?  This might over time lead to components wearing out and even the YLOD problem.  Shure you can get a new PS3 ,but lasting about 2 years is wrong.  Does this happen to all games you play or just certain ones?

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