Jun 02 2012
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Alright so I have been getting the error 8071053D sometimes

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     Alright so on tuesday and the past saturaday I got the error 8071053D while looking at either the What's New Icon or on the playstation store icons on the XMB menu regardless of me being signed in or not. Now after less than a minute it goes away and I can see the whats on the icons again. So I Googled the code and did the appropiate steps and such. Now when it happend again on tuesaday I called Sony tech support and they said that if it only happend every so often then I should be fine it was just probably a little network issue or glitch. Well It happend again to me today after four days and now i'm kinda ticked off (Would four days count as every so often?). I had recently got a new router about two weeks ago and I had confiqured it properly and such for gaming. Also when I had gotten the code I did a connection test and everything came out fine. I guess the only other thing I can think is that while my router is plugged into a socket into my wall I wouldn't say its a 100% plugged in since the plate on the sockect is kinda big so I'm getting a new plate for it today.

But yeah any help you can  give me? The type of security I have on my coneection by the way is WPA2/WPA Mixed

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