Mar 10 2014
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Allow SEN region change or at least to merge 2 accounts

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3 years ago i had to move in a new country and as everyone here i did not want to lose my account and all the trophies.

I asked if it was possible to change the region and i had a big NO.

3 years later we are still in prehistoric age wheread my Apple account has been updated.


so i'd like to know who is in the same case and let us show to Sony they should think about it


I was thinking of:

- allowing region change (and hide/disable all my purchases/DL, i don't care i can't use them anyway)

- merging 2 accounts (or more) to a main one (to get all the trophies in one account)


at this point, not so far than 10 min ago, i got a NO again...

if you have any idea how we could change that?




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