Mar 16 2013
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Aliens: Colonial Marines on the PSN store

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Just throwing this out here.    

It's well known by now that most of the media that had been released regarding A:CM did not come close to matching the finished product.  Gearbox (and others) dropped the ball on this one, no doubt.

But Sony, you have A:CM listed in the PSN store, with screenshots and trailers.    Those screenshots don't even come close to the released game in terms of quality.  And you're still linking the E3 2011 video, which we all now know was just an mock-up video, nowhere near what the end-user would experience.  The other trailers don't really tell the whole truth either.


I think you're doing potential buyers a real disservice by continuing to host media on the PSN store that in no way represents the released game of A:CM.


Sony, tear down this wall !



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