Nov 29 2012
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Addons by games I own (Suggestion)

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Not entirely sure where to post this... nor if it has been suggested before.  Or maybe I'ma  complete moron and the feature already exists.


But i think it would be really cool for the PSN Store to have an Addon section for "Games i Own"


Every game we have played saves a data file.  How hard would it be for the PSN Store to query that data, and put together a list of Addons for the games that I play?  So I can know there are addons for the games I play.. and not have to sort thought thousands of Rock Band tracks, nor search title-by-title.


I think this would greatly enhance the PSN experience and also increase sales for DLC.  It sometimes feels like Sony is way behind the times.  Every other company is working to cater their experience to the individual user, but a lot of times it feels like Sony just doesn't want to even try and make the user feel special, or that their experience is unique.  We all know the technology is there.


Oh.. and seriously.  Fallout 3 DLC... how about a price reduction?!?



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Re: Addons by games I own (Suggestion)

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Nov 29, 2012

that's not a bad idea.... especially the way the **bleep** DLC is set up in the store now. Before the update if i wanted to check DLC for all my games it took me 20- 30 minutes max QUICKLY browsing the A-Z lists. Now I had to use the search for each and every friggin game cause the add on catagories they have now for PS3 are .... well fracking stupid and impossible to browse fast. Why they changed the A-Z list to 8 seperate catagories like that seperating everything I'll never know........ but ya I jsut went through everything tonight, it took me........... an hour and a half? Or an hour... idk I took a break from the annoying **bleep** to watch a movie.


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