Apr 24 2014
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Account Level Question

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Hi there,

A couple of weeks ago I created a account to be just under 18 years old, so it was a subaccount. Exactly one month ago the account has turned 18 years old but the account stayed at being a subaccount. Now I cant upgrade my subaccount into a masteraccount, use the share feature or redeem codes. I know it's most likely that I have to make a new account that is 18 years old or above so I have a master account but, I have already bought playstation plus on this account and that will go to waste if I make a new one. Does anybody have some sort of help or advice to give me here because, I have contacted sony 4 times now and I'm running out of ideas. Anything that you would think that might seem to help would be great.

Kind Regards,
Ryan Nighel



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Re: Accountlevels

Apr 24, 2014
Yeah you cant upgrade sub to master. What you can do is make a new account and just use that. As long as the sub account is set to primary on the ps4 then the plus benefits work for all accounts on the ps4. Only thing youd have to do is log into the sub account to download the plus games.
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