Dec 02 2006
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Accessing PS3 HD through PC?

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Is there any way to access the PS3's hard drive by a PC when both are on the same home network.  Or is there a way for the PS3 to access the PC's hard drive?  I am looking for a way to transfer files between the PC and PS3 over the network.
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Re: Accessing PS3 HD through PC?

Dec 2, 2006
perhaps try running a web service on your pc...( Install IIS 5.0 which comes with xp)  and then access your pc via the web...
putting your pc's ip address as the address...   if you can setup web pages with links to your pictures folder, you may be able to do it that way
Just a thought...
Smiley Surprised) let me know what you think..
I may give this a shot and report back.
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