Nov 05 2012
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Absence in my Life

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                                                                Absence in my Life


             This is my Playstation Story of this week. Playstation Plus and leave it at that :smileymad: But seriously.




     Being a giant Sony fan with years of Sony experience under my belt from consoles, retailed games to the digital games.However Playstation Plus changed my Playstation lifestyle. The old days of not paying attention to the first Tuesday of every month having more then enough extra space on my internal harddrive.That is how it was for me until Playstation Plus literally overflowed my system with digital games and great deals and over the two years of free games from Playstation Plus from; Plants vs.. Zombies, Marvel Pinball, Simpsons arcade, and another 70 more. It has now become a nail biting wait every month just to see what game is next!?! Of lately I have become more lenient towards Playstation plus things since my 160 GB has 20GB left and with Battlefield 3, Resident Evil 6, and Borderlands 2 keeping me occupied I never even realized that my magical golden plus disappeared.


          Overlooking my two years of being a Playstation Plus member and saving money on discounted games like; Resident Evil 4, Resident Evil: ORC, Infamous Festival of Blood , Doom3, Resident Evil: Chronicle Series, Counter-Strike and countless others. As the days pass, I slowly start to miss that plus sign next to my name like a Playstation halo over my Avatar showing all I get special things from Sony land. Knowing Playstation Plus will be here sooner or later but with Black Ops 2 comming we will see what gets first, thinking to myself that Playstation plus is completely worth it and writing this to show anyone that doubts its to give it a 3 month try you might be surprised. I was very doubtful with my first month and that all turned to  and over the money saved and free games given threw Playstation plus I would highly recommend to buy it. 





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