May 19 2013
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About to transfer gf's saves on her PS3 to mine - Will this method work?

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Just wanted to make sure I'm going to do this right, because I'm a little confused on how to go about making sure I don't lose saves.


My gf's PS3 is having graphical glitches, looks like the gfx card is gonna die. We want to transfer her saves to my ps3 and obviously NOT wipe my HD.


So...I can sign in her PSN ID on my ps3,  correct? And then since she's only really playing Ni No Kuni and the new Naruto game (which appear to have copy-protected saves), I'll just get PS Plus for 3 months, then copy her saves onto my ps3 with a thumb drive or over the network? And once she's signed in on her ID on my Ps3, she should be good to go....right?


Am I missing anything? She'll be able to access her saves under her ID and I'll be able to access mine under my ID, right?


Thanks in advance! We're really confused as to just making sure her saves will be fine. 18 bucks is easier to swallow then a new ps3, especially with the ps4 on the way.

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Re: About to transfer gf's saves on her PS3 to mine - Will this method work?

May 19, 2013
If you use PS Plus then it's as simple as copying the saves for the two games from her PS3 to the cloud storage. Wait 24 hours then pick em back up on your PS3.
The USB thing would work as well as long as your PS3 has her psn account on it, I believe.
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