Apr 07 2012
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ABC is Easy as PS3

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So I saw there was a place at the PlayStation forums to talk about our time with PlayStation and other interesting PlayStation stories so I thought I had a interesting one so here goes nothing.

When I was really young my dad bought me a PlayStation. Not a PSOne, but a classic original PlayStation! With the purchase my dad also bought us our first game...Final Fantasy VII. Needless to say I was pretty young at the time and was barely able to read or write at the extremely young age I was. The memories I have from this time are very blurry but of them I do remember one thing in particular was the countless nights my dad would play Final Fantasy VII in the living room.

As many of you may know Final Fantasy VII was not like today's Final Fantasy games, here there are voice actors for all of the characters, rather all dialogue in this game was done through text boxes and my dad would read to me each and every text box that appeared on the screen. I pretty much learned how to read from watching him play Final Fantasy VII at night. Even when the text boxes would come up with a swear word my dad would come up with something clever to make everything G-rated, more or less.

After Final Fantasy VII there was FFVIII and Parasite Eve. We skipped IX but when the PlayStation 2 came out Final Fantasy X was right up our alley. My dad started playing and my position went from learning how to read to reading the strategy guide for him to get through the difficult parts. We we're a father-son tag team all the way through X, X-2, and XII! A few years went by and I had become much more of a gamer with getting the PS3 in December of 2006, those times playing Final Fantasy we're all but ancient history to me.

Finally I heard about Final Fantasy XIII for the PS3 and after it came out I gave it to my dad as a birthday present wrapped up with Final Fantasy XIII and the Official Final Fantasy XIII Collector's Edition Strategy Guide! Just like that we started playing all over again and as long as Square keeps making Final Fantasy. we're probably going to still be here playing them to the end!

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