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Nov 21 2012
By: iw2ma First Son 7 posts

A story about a story.

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Not much of a story teller, but I guess I'll make my first one a negative story.

So a year ago to the month, the weekend before Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 came out, my system died. I had the original 60 gig that was backwards compatible, because as we all know every version of the system should've been and it's stupid that they're not, and I took it to a fighting game event.  I'm a competitive fighting game player, have been for a while and fairly good at the ones I stick too. I win tournaments around the south in my games so I love playing my games.  I'm also a big JRPG, Action, Racer, Puzzle and Platformer gamer, so I like my games man.

This weekend I mentioned I took my system that I've had since 06 to an event in Kansas so it could be used in this tournament.  3/4 of the way through the event my system dies while running Arcana Heart 3 that I had to wait a million years to get because the PSN outage that went on the same year. I tried getting it to start again but after a bunch of failed tries I pack it up and take it back home with me.  After seeing that it had Every color light flashing at once, I thought it couldn't be good.  I looked up every known issue with the system and tried every known fix I could find. None of the actual issues I found like the YLOD seemed like what I had and obviously no fix worked.  I then call Sony and tell them my issue and they couldn't help at all. Couldn't explain it, couldn't fix it, wouldn't switch it and worst of all couldn't retrieve my god **bleep** SAVE DATA.
I then send this thing off to a random awesome fix it store in NEW YORK because they fix systems any way they can and say they fix 99% of all systems sent to them. Naturally a week later I get the email telling me they have never seen anything like this and cannot fix it, and gave a full refund of course.  They offered me new or refurbed systems at a cheaper price and I didn't care at all. They told me they couldn't get my save data at all because of my issue which **bleep** me right the frak off and said that they couldn't even get the Hard Drive to work, and have all MY data on it, on another system because of how it's designed.  Even funnier is I had a game stuck in the system that was someone else's in Kansas so this thing forced me to steal a game, awesome.

So naturally I tell them to eff off and keep the system, give me my money, give me that stuck game and I went straight to Best Buy  and got the Uncharted 3 Edition  320 GIG system with the Uncharted 1 and 2 Controller pack and beat all three of those games that week. ALL IN ANGER.
Now, and ya I mean STILL, have restart Resonance of Fate, Arkham City, Nier, Valkyria Chronicles and a million PS2 games on some other magical console at another date.

YET the PS3 is still the only dang system I have. Other than a PSP that is, not the VITA, the PORTABLE. Because I'm poor now.

I frigging love Playstation.
And I don't spell check, but I did for this.

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Re: A story about a story.

Nov 25, 2012

It's happened to most of us at some point. (PS3 breaking.)
Though, I'm sorry to hear it was a problem nobody had even heard of/seen.


Why didn't you have that other place send you back your PS3 so you could at least crack it open and get your friend's video game back?

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Re: A story about a story.

Nov 27, 2012

Haha they did send it back, but it had already been a few weeks. Ultimate Marvel was out and i'm from another state so the guy in kansas literally didn't care anymore.  I still have it.

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