Aug 12 2012
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A kid from the 90's

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Since I was 5 years old I loved video games the first system I owned was a sense but I never found out what happen to it but anyways the first game that got me hooked on a playstation was the first Tony Hawk game but I never knew how to do any of the tricks at the time so I just smashed buttons. Then around the time I was 7 I played legend of dragon and final fantasy 7 which they where the top selling games at the time for Sony I would spend countless hours trying to find out where I should go but around the time the internet was just starting up and websites like ign and gamefaqs where just coming up.after a while I got bored with the ps1 and traded it in wish I could of kept on for it but then the ps2 started to come out and I was so exited.


After the ps2 came out the Tony hawk franchise was really popular and I kept playing Tony hawk it was amazing I would spend countless hours playing thps doing tricks and messing around but then again it got boring after I unlocked everything.after awhile I traded my ps2 in for a xbox but it wasn't the same I played that xbox for years and then got rided of it and kinda stopped playing video games.but when I heard about the ps3 I was like wow the ps3 can do a lot of stuff I had a xbox 360 and said screw paying for online service I want a system the can do it for free traded my 360 in and bought a ps3. But I was still kinda down cause the Tony hawk series died down and the only good Tony hawk was American wasteland I loved that game.but when I heard that their was going to be a remake of Tony hawk I was estatic now im 18 and video game had change alot from the 90's I hope to buy the remake of tony hawk pro skater

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