Nov 18 2013
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A few requests for Facebook publishing

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I have quite a few gamer friends on Facebook, However they are spilt by none gamer friends that could careless about Video games and what not. So to stop spamming posts I would like it suggest a few new features to Facebook sharing. 



On the PS3 when you published trophies it would do it in groups of 10, making sure your wall was not littered with posts. With the PS4 is publishes the trophies right when you get it, resulting in mass amounts of spamming on facebook. To fix this simply allow us to group the trophies we earn rather then publishing them one by one. 


Also add a option to just publish a story when you receive a gold/plat trophy or higher. This would drastically cut back wall spam.


Store purchases


This was something ps3 had and it simply let you knew when a friend bought a game you may have/want. I would love to see this brought back. 



I know these changes aren't that important, however it is something I would like to see changed when other bugs are fixed. 


What a wasteland it's become
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