Dec 04 2012
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A Very Merry and Relaxing Experience

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Christmas Season is here! Others will say kids are very happy again because they will be receiving gifts. I am a 25 year-old law student now, and I am proud to say that Christmas is not just for kids, it is also for adults because I will be having more time with my Playstation Vita and Persona 4 Golden this coming Holidays.


I have started out as a working law student. My mother and I have had this arrangement that she will be paying for my tuition fees and I will be paying for my daily school expenses.  To balance my work and school life, I do not take all the subjects the school regularly offers. It seems everything was all right, but I noticed something was lacking because it came to a point that I got bored. My friends tell me, “you earn and you are able to save money. Why don’t you buy something you could play with? It’s not so long ago when you celebrated your birthday last March.” Come the 3rd of May 2012, I followed my friends’ advice. That is when I gave myself a belated gift, my Playstation Vita.


It has with it the Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus game. My collection of Playstation Vita games has started to grow. Initially, I have collected the physical copies of games like the Little Deviants, Mortal Kombat, Gravity Rush, Disgaea 3, Army Corps of Hell and Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. Then I have started collecting digital copies of games like the New Little King’s Story, Lego LotR, Little Big Planet Vita, Rayman Origins, Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward and many more. Thanks to my Playstation Vita, my time is no longer wasted during break, after class and weekends. It’s as if it is the reason behind the console’s name and slogan (Playstation Vita: Never Stop Playing) -- it breathes life to all my dull moments so long as I play.


In one of my classes, my professor shares his insights when he was a law student, “you know class, I understand that you should also take a rest, because once upon a time, I was also a law student like you. You can do that, because taking a rest is not prohibited by law.” The class laughs out loud. I very much agree. That is the reason why I tell my girlfriend who feels like stopping sometimes from law school, "if you are tired take a rest, but do not stop your studies." In my case, my form of rest is playing. And since I very much enjoy my Playstation Vita experience, I share the console with her. Now, she has forgotten the idea of stopping from law school thanks to the relaxing experience we have shared together. Every time we see each other, we play the mini games in Retro City Rampage and Plants vs. Zombies. She enjoys them a lot!


I am currently playing Persona 4 Golden on my Playstation Vita. I never let the opportunity pass not playing, because it feels like I did not rest at all if I did not play. Luckily, I will have more ‘rest’ because I will be beating Persona 4 Golden to the tune of ‘Jingle Bells’ this coming vacation. Yay!

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