Nov 22 2012
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A Story of my Life; a PlayStation Story

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 From the very start of my life back in the late 90's, Playstation has affected every single day. It all began when I was too young to even read, or even follow directions for that matter. Just Grand Theft Auto (the very first one where there was nothing but a few blips and dots), a car, a ramp, and me.

Up the Ramp.

Down the Ramp.

Up the Ramp.

Down the Ramp.

 This went on for about half a year.

Throughout my young childhood, Playstation taught me everything I know. Punky Skunk taught me how to read. Tomb Raider gave me a sense of adventure (and taught me how to reset the system so I could play the tutorial over and over again, so I never had to fight the scary Mummies in level 2). To this very day, I'm still getting friends because we can both reminisce in the wondrous childhood that was Spyro the Dragon and Rayman.

  I eventually moved houses and schools, to an unknown world known as 4th-6th grade. In an almost perfect metaphoric sense, this was about the same time I first got my hands on a PS2. I began to have trouble making friends in school, but Playstation was always there for me. Kingdom Hearts showed the power of friendship. Various party games such as Star Wars: BattleFront and James Bond truly, well, "bonded" me with friends. And when bully's struck? Nothing like anger management with Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Bully to calm down with.

  Middle school was a  relatively easy time for me. Well except for a... um.... 'certain event'. Right in the middle of it. Yes, I'm referring to the Great PSN Outage. Right before Middle School began, I moved houses yet again, and found myself with another metaphorical PlayStation transition: a PS3. A console I saw above all others. I never thought I would see those moving blips become the high definition that is Grand Theft Auto IV. The stunning beauty known as Batman: Arkham Asylum. Little Big Planet, where one could create their own video game! The Great Outage was a minor drawback compared to the wonders of Uncharted, InFamous, and, God of War.

   High School came along. And with no news of PS4, came no news of moving. I kept my newfound friends and place in school. I admit there has been some  angst, but nothing PlayStation can't handle. I covered lost love and crazy friends with the power of Red Dead Redemption and Portal 2.

    In all, without PlayStation my life would have been a lot less powerful. Sony has served as my source of entertainment, my weapon of mass friendship, and my tropical escape from rough seas. My life is best described as last year's "Michael" trailer: with controller in hand, nothing can go wrong.

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