Nov 12 2012
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A Playstation Story: The immortal PS2

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The Playstation 2 was my first home console and I had that thing for an absurd amount of time. In fact I didn't get a PS3 until 2010. But this story is about my PS2. Before I actually had my own I would play the PS2 and my cousins'. We were all anime junkies so we would play Dragon Ball Z and Yugioh. Every year at Christmas one of us would get the new DBZ game and we would play it all night. At the time none of us were really hardcore gamers so the graphics on the new game would  wow us every year. The other series we would play was Jak 2 and 3. All of Dark Jak's eco blasts were rebranded Kamehameha because thats what all energy blast are. And last but not least was GTA:Vice City. This was the game. At the time the concept of picking up hookers was so cool and we would just see who could get the highest star rating. We would try to get out of the city by glitching the game.  My cousins moved on to games like Battlefield and Call of Duty while I stuck to Playstation exclusives like Starhawk,Uncharted, and Rathcet and Clank. 


Once I got my own PS2, I mastered Madden 06. I still remeber the team I would use in Franchise. Denver Broncos, sign Ty Law and then you had the most stacked secondary with Champ Bailey in his prime and John Lynch playing safety. This was also the year where your suoerstar character depended on their parentage and you to randomize it till you got son of Hall of Fame QB. 


PS2 was basically my childhood and is still the greatest console of all time. In fact the PS2 hasn't died yet and like the PSone will probably sell until the announcement of the PS4.

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