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A Playstation Friendship

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Hey everyone, my name is Erick, just wanted to share my story as a fan of Playstation, although I must say the credit of being a fan its not mine it’s from one of my best friends hector... My first approach to a PlayStation was at my neighbors (Hector) house, he is one my best friends since I can remember, I’ll never forget the day he came rushed knocking at my house full of joy cause he got a new console, I went to his house and I remember looking at the psone just trying to imagine how did Sony got on videogames, my friend showed me the first game he bought it was Megaman X4, I couldn’t believe how awesome the game was! The mix of cutscenes, the voice overs everything! , we played that game till we grew tired of it, a few months later he bought Final fantasy 7, we spent hours, days, months, together finishing the game, at our age we felt it like one of the greatest accomplishments of our lives lol, t, the last game I got to play on his house was Street fighter alpha 3, he bought a second controller just so I could play against him! Those were really good times... sadly the hype was short lived, as my hector moved to another country in the coming months...It was sad really but we managed to stay on touch talking trough the phone or through emails... but sadly it wasn’t the same.


A few years later the PS2 came to the market, and I really didn’t payed to much attention to it, probably cause the PlayStation experience I had in my mind was playing at my neighbors side, shouting all over his house getting excited by all the crazy things that were happening on his TV screen, and without him it wasn’t the same from me...


One lucky day I got a call from hector, it was really unexpected, we hadn’t talked in like a year or so…we talked on the phone for like 3 hours or maybe more! It was great to have news from him, naturally we ended up talking about video games he told me he got a PS2, and he was playing Final fantasy X and he was loving it, he also told me he was coming back to the city on vacation so we could meet up and hang out like we used to, we hang up the phones and with a smile my face I couldnt hide my happiness,my friend was coming back to town! Encouraged by hector I decided to get some videogame magazines to see the PS2 games, and well after a lot of thought I decided to give it try…


A few months passed and I managed to save some money to finally got a PS2, Hector was around the town by the time and we went together to buy it, we were like little kids on a candy shop checking around the store over and over again trying to get a few games to play on my new console, at the end we bought MGS2 and GTA San andreas, he spent the next 2 days on my house playing the heck out of those games, we played mgs2 and finished the tanker chapter over and over again, comparing our scores, kills etc. to see who did it better, San andreas multiplayers was also great, we spent hours and hours creating mayhem on the game, We laughed so hard tons of times, my mom used to come down almost every hour to tell us to stop the noise we had (lol), i was really happy and even he had to leave again in the coming days it was just like the old times…Two kids enjoying videogames


A lot of things happened later that got me away from almost everything, my dad died, we had to move to another house and I needed to get a job to help on my house expenses, also in that transition I lost contact with hector, we talked on phone like 2 times all those years and we occasionally met to chat on instant messenger a couple of times… those were really hard times… but when the times were rough and I needed an escape I always booted up my PS2 to play and get my mind out the bad stuff … it reminded me of my friend and how something so simple yet so complicated as playing a game made me incredibly happy.


With the years I managed to get a good job, and to save some money, and around Christmas last year, I gifted myself a PS3, one of the benefits of being single around that season (lol), bought myself a copy of Super Street fighter 4 and played the heck out of it, The only thing i was missing was my friend my PS3 experience wasnt complete without I decided to send him a mail to tell him I bought a PS3, had no response from him in a few months, I tried to catch on him by phone but when I called the number he gave me years ago, they said he moved to another house a few years ago, I was starting lose hope on getting on touch with him again…But one day I got a reply from him, he was surprised I still remembered him, he told he didn’t used that email anymore and by chance he was there and decided to reply to me with his new email, he also left me his phone number so I decided to call him, it was déjà vu all over again, we talked hours by phone we laughed we cried we told our entire life’s up to this point to each other, and it was magical getting in touch with my buddy after all this years, I proudly presumed to him I got a PS3, he promised now that he knew I have one he was going to get one so we could play online together, probably by the time we couldn’t be together again in person but the idea of playing a game with him even if it was online and thousands of miles away got me really excited


Time passed and I got a mail from him with his PSN ID, he also got Super Street fighter 4 just so we both could play online, he promised although he hadn’t played in years he was going to kick my butt like he used to do when we were kids, we played hours online we kept the wins score close to 100 to 89 (with me winning of course lol) since that day there’s has not been single day that I hadn’t talked to hector. Probably my history is not exactly about a passionate gamer that spends hours trying to get trophies, or being a fan of one videogame franchise for years and years, but my history is about how playing one day a PlayStation console can touch your life in ways you don’t know. To me it grew a bond between two kids that enjoyed playing games together, in a way thats what kept us together.


Today I thank hector for introducing me to PlayStation, but i also thank PlayStation for being the bond that reunited me with my friend 

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