Nov 21 2012
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A Lifetime With Playstation

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I remember buying my first Playstation at a store that has since closed down. That Playstation was the gateway to an amazing fascination with videogames. The very first game I got was top gun, which at that age wasn’t very fun but as the years passed I was able to play some truly memorable games from Final Fantasy to Crash Bandicoot and even Motor Toon Grand Prix. I would play any games I could with my family and those moments were truly some of the best in my childhood. Competitive races and exciting Crash Bandicoot levels are some of the vivid memories I still have and cherish.


When the PS2 came out I purchased it as soon as I could. Unboxing the iconic blue box and turning it on to play games and watch DVDs for the first time lead to many great moments in my life. Playing Final Fantasy X for countless hours and Kingdom Hearts as well. Playing games became an enjoyable ritual with the PS2. It was the console that gave so much entertainment. I loved every moment with that machine. The original Playstation created the foundation of trust in the Playstation brand but the PS2 is what really made me a complete fan. The countless hours of joy were what made me have faith in the Playstation brand. The promise of amazing experiences with each generation is something that I believe is very difficult, yet it was accomplished.


I purchased a PSP and PS3 the first day they came out. Standing in line in the early morning hours to make sure I was one of the few who had it first. I felt it was the least I could do for a device that had so much potential. The first time the PS3 was plugged in and booted up felt heavenly and made the wait completely worth the experience. Since that time I have played many games on the PS3, and while that original 60gb PS3 broke, I immediately purchased a slim to make sure I wouldn’t miss out on any of the possible experiences only possible on this machine. Given all the PS2 has done I know I’ll be a Playstation fan for life. The PS3 to this day has given me many memorable experiences with video games. I know my passion for electronics came from the years of experiences from my Playstation consoles. I made sure I visited the Vita Hill Social Club in Santa Monica with my friends to show them just how amazing the Vita is. I had a fantastic time and really appreciated the methods Sony uses to show it cares about its fan base.


From the original grey Playstation to the Vita, it has been one great time of my life to another. As such, it will be my pleasure to be one of the first people to own whatever new console with the Playstation branding. And it’s all because of my experiences with Playstation. 

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